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2pc White Electrode Pads For Tens Acupuncture Digital Machine Massage SJFF



  • Tens pads are compatible with most physiotherapy, massage and TENS/muscle stimulator devices that use the industry-standard 2mm pin connector.
  • The pulse generated by the device will go through the pads and then enters the body, which just like countless electric acupuncture simulating acupuncture, which can promote positive blood flow.
  • The pads are self-adhesive, reusable, very durable and flexible and easy to remove with no sticky residue left behind



  • Apply only to unbroken skin.
  • Clean and dry the area to which the TENS Electrodes are to be applied with soap and water prior to the application of the Electrode Pads. Plug the lead wire into the pin connector on the pre-wired electrode pad.
  • To apply to the skin: Remove the protective liner from the TENS Electrode and apply to the prescribed location. To remove Lift the corner of the electrode pad and peel holding both the back of the TENS Electrode and the edge of the adhesive. Replace Pads onto the plastic and replace and seal the plastic bag.
  • Note: When removing the pads, do not pull from wires, pull off from the corner. Pads will last longer if the area is cleaned before they are put on. Oils and dirt from the skin cause pads to not to stick. A small amount of water can help if pads are dry.
  • Pad Size: 7cm x 5cm (Approx.)

Package Contents:

  • 2 x White Electrode Pads For Tens Acupuncture Digital Therapy Machine Massager – Machine not included


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