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Ramakrishnananda Hand Rolled Incense Sticks x 2 packs of 10 choose your favourite scent


  • Ramakrishnananda’s hand-rolled incense is made out of the finest natural ingredients in the world. Handmade from a variety of herbs, flowers, and resins which are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood.
  • These exquisite blends are formulated to create a soothing and balanced environment, where relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit can occur.
  • As with all of our products we continually strive to deliver the best quality, elegance, and style.
  • These unique Ayurvedic blends are made according to ancient recipes and their scent lingers for hours after burning.
  • All packages include 10 hand-rolled incense sticks.
  • This ancient incense manufacturing method is known as Masala which means spice and has originated in India.
  • Its process contains the crushing of a variety of herbs, gums, and resins such as copal and amber, aromatic woods such as cedar and sandalwood and a variety of many different spices.
  • All of the ingredients are crushed into a powder and mixed with pure oils and a natural gum binding powder and are then transformed into a paste.
  • The paste is traditionally rolled by hand on a bamboo stick.
  • These aromas carry a secret of ancient wisdom, a secret that is known to many of the spiritual cultures of the world such as the Shaman, Vedic, Celtic, Buddhist, Native American, and others.
  • They understood and realized the immense properties of aromas and their influence on our mental functions and our minds.
  • ?Green America Gold Certified business and uses recycled and reused packaging products for shipping materials.
  • 100% natural
  • Harvested naturally according to shamanic tradition and hand-packaged
  • Just a teaspoon of resin burned on charcoal fills space with aroma and intention
  • Purification, and spiritual and energetic cleansing


Please Select at checkout from the choices below:



Amber – Sandalwood – remover of all darkness. Qualities: Saves one from the total darkness of false ego and bad karma. clearing inauspiciousness and purifying the heart.


Sandalwood & Musk -Attraction, beauty, and surrender.



Loban & Coconut – Often depicted as a divine child. He is loved in this form like a son by His devotees. Qualities: Purity, innocence and sweetness.


Patchouli – Cardamon & Rose – The supreme goddess. Qualities: Devotion, Divine femininity, Shakti – Divine energy.



Patchouli & Vetiver “The opulent one.” Qualities: Wealth, good fortune and prosperity.



Citronella – Patchouli & Geranium – “Mood of love and beauty that penetrates and infuses the spirit” Ardent love and suffering due to separation from the divine lover. A passionate savour arising from whatever is sacred and pure. Qualities: Love, beauty and a yearning for the divine.



Vanilla – Copal and Amber – Goddess Goddess of purification. Qualities: Absorption in spiritual truth, purification, the joy of the divine playfulness.



?Special Flora Incense – Lord of the Cows, Qualities: Perfection of parental love, protection of one’s children, fertility, the wellbeing of the newborn.



Iris – Daffodil & Jasmine – The Lord of the Gopis. Qualities: Ecstatic love, surrender, beauty, unconditional love, and friendship.



Rose & Jasmine – Fish Avatar. Qualities: Clarity and awareness of the essence of life. Mercy and blessings to new beginnings and transitions.


Narasingha Dev

Frankincense Champa – The Half Lion Avatar. Qualities: Protects from dangers and conquers the toughest enemies, known to protect his devotees from Illusion.



Sandalwood Supreme – Goddess of heavenly ambrosia. Qualities: Purification, liberation at the time of death, a remedy for physical disease.


Rasa Lila

Agarwood – The Dance of Divine Love. Qualities: Pure Love.


Vrinda Devi

Nag Champa – Goddess of devotion. Qualities: Residence in holy places, proximity to natural beauty, devotion to the Supreme, physical health and wellbeing.



Myrrh – Vanilla & Tulsi – “The Supreme Plane”. Qualities: The experience and manifestation of the delicate & blissful supreme spiritual abode in the gross material plane.



Sandalwood, Sage & Lavender – Lover of the cows. Qualities – Joy and happiness, love for nature and all living beings.



Cinnamon – Lavender & Jasmine – Goddess of heavenly ambrosia. Qualities: Purification, liberation at the time of death, a remedy for physical disease.



Vetiver – Cedarwood & Halamadi – The supreme desire. Qualities: Joy, playfulness, and passion.



Nag Champa Supreme – “Secret Island”. Qualities: Freedom from material bondage, spiritual success, absorbance in Divine Love.



Clove & Lemongrass -Wielder of the plough, Protection, and loyalty, brotherly love, and service, Spiritual and moral strength, freedom from the evils of intoxication.


Directions for use

  1. Light the coated tip of the incense until there is a flame.
  2. Blow it out and place the smoking incense stick in an incense holder


  • Do not leave burning incense unattended.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep away from all flammable articles.
  • Not to be ingested.

Key Features

  • Just a teaspoon of resin burned on charcoal fills space with aroma and intention
  • Harvested naturally according to shamanic tradition and hand-packaged
  • 100% natural
  • Green America Gold Certified business and uses recycled and reused packaging products for shipping materials.
  • Charitable cause


This natural mixture is the building block for all of our resin blends. In this classical mixture, we include only basic ingredients to allow our customers to create their own blends by adding their favourite oils and herbs or to enjoy the mixture of sacred resins as they are.

Name explanation: Ramakrishnananda was our first brand name and was given to this blend as it is the foundation of our resin incense line.

Why customers love it: This blend of natural and pure resins, along with herbs and oils, has been blessed with mantras and combined in accordance with ancient shamanic wisdom. Abundant with spiritual and energetic qualities, it can be burned alone or mixed with fragrant and healing herbs and oils to create homemade, unique blends for purpose or pleasure.

Collection: Basic Resin Incense – 2.4 oz

Collection Description: This line offers three tree resins that have been used in mystical and spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years, in their pure dried forms. These pure resins can be burned on their own or mixed with other aromatic herbs to create your own blend. This line?s only blend, the Ramakrishnananda Blend contains all three resins as well as herbs and fragrant oils, ideal to be burned on its own or used as a base for your own blended creation.

Packaging: Clear recyclable containers, comfortable screw-top lid, the colourful and appealing artwork of Indian origin that portrays an elegant and ethnic image. The fragrance remains contained in the jar, keeping its aroma fresh without influencing other nearby items.

Manufacturing process: The resins are derived naturally from trees. Handmade in the USA, we mix them with other natural fragrances. Each blend is then infused with mantras to increase its spiritual and energetic power, in accordance with the ancient shamanic tradition.


Ingredients are hand-harvested and minimal waste is created in the blending and packaging processes. Our U.S. production facility and warehouse uses energy-efficient electricity and maintains the policy to save as much energy as possible by our environmentally conscious staff. Shipping materials are made from recycled and reused packaging products.


Contains: 2.4 oz

LWH: 2.5 X 2.5 X2.5
Weight:0.25 lb
Made in the USA

Package Contents:

  • 2 x packs of 10 hand-rolled incense sticks

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Natural Ingredients

The ingredients of our aromatic products come from hand-harvested herbs and flowers. Numerous spices, essential oils, and natural resins are also hand harvested and blended into our fragrances according to ancient traditions. Prabhuji’s Gifts has signed a pledge to follow the Natural Ingredient Resource Center’s criteria for labelling natural ingredients and products, and we are holding ourselves accountable.

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