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Neckline Slimmer Neck Line Muscle Exerciser Chin Massager



Developed by world-renowned physiotherapist Paul Younane, the Neckline Slimmer tightens the muscles that keep your face and neck looking youthful and attractive.


Portable Neck Exerciser Chin Massager Neckline Slimmer, a revolutionary exerciser for you to defy aging by tightening your jawline, firms your skin, cheek, and chin while reducing sagging.


Take years off appearances by simply nodding repeatedly at an onlooker with this innovative apparatus attached underneath the chin.


The beatification device ensures to dissolve hanging or loose skin, double chins and neck folds; and does so without any pain The Neck Slimmer Double Chin Slimmer & Neck Massager is a modern and revolutionary device designed to help tighten and slim your neck and jawline.


It helps to contract the muscles which hold the face and neck strengthening them. It also helps to reduce sagging and slim down this difficult area of the body. This is absolutely painless and doesn’t involve surgery.


The Double Chin Slimmer & Neck Massager only requires 2 minutes of exercise per day. By reducing the size of your chin, you’ll look younger and better.

This product is suitable for any height and shape of men and women use different people. Just gently firms the underlying muscles of the neck & tightens the skin for a dramatic lift.


Package Content:

  • 1 x Neck Line Slimmer 
  • 3 x spring tensioners 
  • 1 x Instructions 
  • 1 x Carry Bag 

Double Chin Remover Neck Line Slimmer Get Rid of your Double Chin with this Neck Line Slimmer Neck Line Slimer Double Chin Remover


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