1 x 25ml Men Pheromone Aphrodisiac Spray? ??

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Mens Pheromone Aphrodisiac Spray Oil Attract a Female Cologne


Don?t Settle for cheap imitations


Are you having any luck finding Mrs Right? Maybe you’re trying too hard?


Attracting a playmate can be as simple as spraying 7 points with ZDAS? Pheromone spray?which has been formulated to attract.


It?s a well-known fact that most people male or female won?t notice even the most coarse body language, so if you want to give nature a helping hand, Covertly Kiss pheromone perfume is another way to enhance the message you are trying to get across


  • Hight-Quality product with a delightful smell
  • 25ml Per Bottle
  • More Attention From Women
  • Long-lasting Fragrance
  • Safe and Effective
  • Spray Formula
  • Easy to Use
  • Bottle size approx 9.6cm x 5cm x 2cm


Although Pheromones may attract, you still have to approach and talk. You still need game.


This is not a miracle spray it is always up to you in the end


Different dosages have different effects, and due to everyone?s unique chemistry, the effects of the product are unique to each individual.


You can ?overdose? on pheromones and that may give you undesirable effects. Others may be intimidated, or your pheromone ?signature? may seem to wildly unnatural, causing people to ignore or avoid you.


You will want to test the pheromones for several weeks (or more) to see what exactly the effects are on you and others, as well as to find your ?sweet spot? as far as dosage.

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1 x 25ml Men Pheromone Aphrodisiac Spray? ??

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