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Thumb Clean Electrostatic Dust Collector Unscented Dry Mop Sweeping Cloths Refill


Fits all electrostatic mops including Swiffer, Pledge, Grab-it, Clorox, Ready Mop.

Sweeping cloths are fabric for electrostatic action, which helps catch dirt, dust, hair, and common allergens from surfaces quickly and easily while cleaning.

These clothes can be used with any broom for use in vessels and are also great for home talc fixtures, furniture surfaces like shutters, They are unscented cloths that do not leave any residue.

Just throw away after use-it’s so easy


Compatible with:

  • Swiffer
  • Pledge
  • Grab-it
  • Clorox
  • Ready Mop


  • Dry Sweeping Cloths
  • Perfect for: Wood Floors, Tile Floors, Hard to Reach Places and much more!
  • Disposable
  • Product Size: 28cm x 22 cm

Package Content:

  • 1 x Pack (20 Cloths), 2 x Packs (40 Cloths),  5 x Packs (100 Cloths),  or 12 x Packs 240 Cloths, Thumb Clean Sweeper including 8 cloths ( Please choose qty at checkout )