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Electrical, Insulation, Tape, Waterproof, PVC, Repair, Fusing, DIY

19mm x 3m Electrical Insulation Tape Waterproof PVC Repair Fusing


Electrical tape is something that every DIYer should have in his/her toolbox. The tape can be used for many purposes, from repairing minor electrical wire damage to preventing pipes from freezing in winter.

Electrical tape works best when it conforms to the object it is being applied to. So, when you apply electrical tape to a cord, piece of wire, or anything else, stretch the tape as you wrap. The tape will adhere better and will provide more insulation protection than when it is applied loosely.


  • Waterproof
  • 5 assorted colours
  • Each Roll 19mm x 3mtrs

Package Contents:

  • 19mm x 3mtr Electrical Tape Rolls (Please choose qty at checkout)