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Will You Marry Me, wedding, Marriage, Proposal, Helium, Balloon, Heart, Diamond, set

19pc Rose Gold  “Will You Marry Me” wedding Marriage Proposal Helium Balloon set


These 19 Piece balloon set is perfect for a romantic wedding proposal, Made from a high-quality foil material


These balloons not only offer beautiful design but also durable and have a long-lasting puff, so beautify your proposal with this balloon set.

  • Material:foil(aluminum)
  • Size: Diamond balloons: 54cm x 84cm
  • Heart foil balloons: 18inch(45cm)
  • Letter balloons: 16inch(40cm)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 19 Pc Rose Gold “Will You Marry Me” wedding Proposal Helium Balloon set including Diamond ring Balloon